Monday, November 22, 2010

Syllabus for Internal Exam for "Introduction to Computers and Information System" Paper

B.Com (Hons.) – Ist Year Paper - VI
Duration : 1 hr. 30 min. Max. Marks: 25

Part - A

Unit 1. Basic Concepts:
· What is a computer, · Characteristics of a Computer, · Advantages of Computer
· Limitations of Computer, · Types of Computer, · Applications of computer
· Data Representation

Unit 2.Essential components of Computer
· Hardware, Firmware, Live-ware, · Software:
o Relationship between hardware and software
o System Software : Operating system, Translators, interpreter, compiler,
assemblers, linkers.
o Overview of operating system, function of operating system.
o Application software: General Purpose Packaged Software and tailor
made software.

Unit 5. Net works: LAN, WAN, Wireless Network
o Introduction to networking
o Importance of networking
o Communication devices such as Modem
o Features of Networking

Suggested Readings:
1. Rajaraman,V., ‘‘Introduction to Information Technology’’, 2003 PHI.
2. Leon A. and Leon M., ‘‘Fundamentals of Information Technolgy’’,
3. Fizgerald & Dennis – Wiley, ‘‘Business Data Communication and Networking’’.
You can also refer to books from Sushila Madan or Sumita Arora.

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