Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Paper 6401 : International Business Assignment-1 for M.Com. Sem-3 students of Hans Raj College, 2010-11

You can submit hand-written answer or you can email me a DOC file containing the answer. My email address is Answer each question in 500 words (approx.). Mention references. One question has been assigned to three students. Please don’t copy from others’ assignment.

Avneesh Kumar
Assistant Professor
Hans Raj College
University of Delhi

Roll No. & Name


31-Kanika Arora

32-Kritika Batra

33-Neha Jain

Q.Licensing, franchising, and management contracts are all forms of international business activity. Using examples, briefly define each form. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using these forms of activity?

34-Ajay Kumar

36-Manish Kumar

37-Vibhu Pratap Singh

Q.Discuss the trend in India's balance of payment. since 2001. How can you explain the trend ?

38-Vibhash Kumar

39-Aakanksha Nirala

40-Sudeep Batra

Q.Discuss the basic motives that have forced firms to become more global in their orientations and actions.

41-Sonal Jain

43-Amit Sharma


Q: How is the rise of China affecting trade among Asia, Europe, and North America?

47-Isha Goel

49-Gurpreet Kaur

50-Ankita Goel

Q.International business differs from domestic business in several ways. Identify at least four of these differences and describe their implications for companies.

51-Sanjeet Kumar Jha

53-Chali Mweemba

55-Bewketu Zeleke

Q.The international monetary system provides three important functions in international business. What are these? Discuss the role of the international monetary system in promoting international trade and investment.

56-Kanika Nagpal

58-Mamta Jyani

59-Mohit Jain

Q.Describe the accounts that comprise the BOP.

566-Zhao Hui

Q.Why is it important for business students to study international business? What is the Leontief Paradox?

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