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HRM Assignment-3 for M.Com. Final Year students of Hans Raj College, 2009-10

You have to submit hand-written answers. Each student has been assigned two questions. Answer each question in 400 words (approx.).

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a) Differentiate between recruitment and selection. Explain the systems approach to selection of employees.

b) What is the difference between training and development of employees? Why training is essential in a competitive world?


a) Describe the performance appraisal approach. Do you think that managers should also be subject to performance appraisal?

b) What is the need for co-operation between labour-unions and management?

673- Priyanka

a) Explain the role and functions of HR Manager.

b) What do you mean by workers' participation in management? Explain the various forms of workers' participation in management?


a) Explain different methods of settlement of industrial disputes in India.

b) Define the concept of performance appraisal and discuss any two of its methods.


a) Define job analysis. Explain the importance of job analysis.

b) Explain the significance of Human Resource Planning. Bring out the steps in HR planning process.


a) Discuss the various methods of training adopted for managerial personnel.

b) What is the relation between morale and productivity? Suggest steps to improve morale and productivity of employees.


a) What are the social security measures adopted for the benefit of workers in India ?

b) Differentiate between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management.


a) What are the main causes of industrial disputes in India?

b) What is the importance of Human Resource Planning in the context of globalisation?


a) Differentiate between job description and job analysis with their usage in HRM.

b) Write a note on succession planning.


a) What are different OD intervention techniques normally adopted in organisations?

b) Differentiate between incentives and fringe benefits. Illustrate with suitable examples.


a) Bring out the salient features of 360 degree appraisal.

b) What do you mean by employee morale? Give suggestions for improving the same.


a) What do you mean by job specification? Discuss it using examples.

b) Critically examine the industrial relations in India during last five years.


a) How Executive Development Programmes enhance overall efficiency and productivity?

b) Describe the machinery for settlement of industrial disputes in India.


a) Discuss the needs for training and development of employees.

b) What is the importance of Human Resource Planning in the context of globalisation?

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