Wednesday, September 16, 2009

HRM Assignment-1 for M.Com. students of Hans Raj College, 2009-10

You have to submit hand-written answers. Minimum word limit 800 words. Each student has been assigned a separate question. Give suitable examples of HR practices in Indian companies. Submit answers within the month of September, 2009. In case of any difficulty you can email me at or call me at 9868567880.

1-Ritika- What is HR planning, and why must HR planning
be seen as a process flowing from the organisational strategic plan?

2-Sonam-Why is assessing and measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of HR programs so important?

7-Garima-What are some advantages and disadvantages associated with using expatriate managers instead of host-country nationals?

9-Sawan-Explain why diversity management represents a
much broader approach to workforce diversity
than providing equal employment opportunity or
affirmative action.

10-Kirti- Why is competency-based job analysis more difficult to conduct than the traditional task-based approach?

11-Mridu- Describe three methods of analyzing jobs, including some advantages and disadvantages of each method.

14-Nupur-Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of recruiting internally versus externally.

15-Kaushar-What is HR development, and why is top management support to it so important?

16-Richa-Explain the meaning and importance of Training with suitable illustrations.

17-Vinay-Explain the new roles of HR managers.

18-Girish-What do you understand by recruitment? Explain the process of recruitment.

23-Neeti-Explain the various types of tests used in selection process.

24-Shradha-What are the objectives of interview? Describe the process of interview.

25-Pavneet-How relevant is the understanding of job design for developing organisational effectiveness.

29-Naranzaya-Distinguish between training and development.

Assignment given by:
Avneesh Kumar
Assistant Professor
Hans Raj College
University of Delhi

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